Professional Men on the Move, Stop for a moment and read this.

Today we are living in fast paced urban society where we tend to work at the speed of thought. This means we end up chasing one goal after another and the entire day is spent running from one task after another. The natures of jobs too are no longer manual but more of desk jobs and involve use of intellect than the body.

Slowly in developed societies and especially in cities we are see new trends amongst people. Gone are the days when men and women used to get married at a young age and start families, raise four to five kids etc. Today both men and women give priority to their careers and after having achieved what they have set about to do, they look at marriage. So the age at which both men and women are opting for marriage has been pushed beyond thirties and many settle down only by early forties.

With women having gained economic independence as well as their own identity and independence, the equation in the relationship between the man and woman has changed. Women are today tending to respect their freedom and the relationship is more on equal terms. Men who until now could take things for granted and take his wife for granted can no longer afford to do so. They are having to learn to be more sensitive to women’s demands and needs too and work towards meeting the expectation of the woman to save the relationship. The expectations are multifold including emotional, physical, monitory, social and professional achievements. Men have to always keep these expectations in mind and work to keep pace.

So with increasing trend of professional men and women getting married late and starting a family when they are in their forties does entail quite a few complications. Almost immediately after the marriage, there is the pressure to have babies, for the biological clock is ticking and the more one delays having a baby, the more difficult will be the child birth which is not good for the baby as well as the mother.

Men on the other hand tend to start aging after forties and problems related to blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol starts showing up. It is at this crucial period that most men are also peaking in their career, which means they have no time on hand. Managing professional life and personal life, besides the unspoken pressure of having to engage in sex to be able to help conceive takes its toll.

If men undergo any severe stressful situations or trauma be it personal or professional, chances are that their emotional as well as physical condition takes a toll. Mood swings, restlessness, anxiety and depression begins to surface. Unknowingly men find that their ability to achieve erection has gone down and they are no longer able to satisfy themselves or their wives. This then starts building a distance both physically as well as emotionally between the couple with unspoken tensions tearing them apart.

If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction and is not able to achieve or sustain erection, no matter how strong the sexual desire or drive be or the pressure to engage in sex be, he cannot succeed in his attempts. This is because erectile dysfunction is not a mental condition but a physiological inability of the penis to achieve erection due to lack of blood supply.

This condition is caused due to aging of the body, exposure to sustained and severe trauma, pressure and emotional distress. It can also be caused due to heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, asthma etc. But one need not get worked up for medical cure for this problem is available. All you need to do is to consult your doctor who will prescribe a daily dose of Cialis for you. This wonder drug helps increase the blood flow to the penis and the effect can last for four to six hours after consumption.

Cialis can help you gain back your sex life and also help you save your relationship as well as become a proud father. But then it is also important that along with daily consumption of Cialis, you should also make changes in your lifestyle and get down to enjoying life and not hurrying through life.