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15/08/07 Circumcision)
About posts Kotyary - very much sensible and to the point! Thank you!
Guys, in a nutshell. The problem is the following:

25/08/07 Undeo iste mertae jerta volpte santsVerona, Viardot, wook-wook and Likoprofit.

I understand that it's like the vitamins and will not bring harm. I would like to know the opinion of professionals on this score!


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Anything good that you vyzhirayut one bottle of wine before sex there.
For raslabuha and good mood enough to drink 50-70 grams of good cognac. And think less about your dick. Just try to pleasure a woman, you see, and with the strange behavior of member problems will go away and everything is back to normal.
Well, if not - go to the doctor.

Rescues, and the time to hang himself from his inferiority.
The idea with booze by.

Today 7 hours with her pokuvyrkatsya in bed. Cum 5 times, but every time you even get no time. Bettingwise with her, all business, and only mine starts up. gets to half commits. And so each time. And what we just did. And gently and firmly. And hands and mouth tried to put it all the same.

This despite the fact that before this we had rapily bottle of white wine. What she had a glass, and I the rest.

Well, certainly not in the psychology of the problem.
I even realno already confessed to her. and he's a virgin, and that with other girls it always was. Understood. Calmed. Said that it was not important and that will help me. And helped in every way. And no psychological clips I have with it. I trust her to the depths of the subconscious. In General, the first person I opened (after this forum).
Physically, I like too healthy. Jerking off to porn regularly. previously, at least yesterday and today have not tried.

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  • To them I would add that we should not be ashamed to be a bit rough. This is the normal nature of the male. Fuck her from behind - just run his fingers and touch her hair. To get started just bringing the fingers together and slightly pulling.
  • Then on the rise - trigger hand, making your fingers, just priotpuskaesh, removing the hand from the head, then squeeze into a fist and pull gently, but firmly, slightly throwing back her head.

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At the same time, you can gently kiss her back, neck, and then again to give frying. The combination of tenderness and rigidity really adds to their emotions! You can squeeze the neck closer to the shoulders, it also shows them your control and domination.

During this sex with the "animal" I have never had a problem when coasting, to stand up, pull off the rubber and took her by the hair and putting on his knees to give mouth to cum. It's like implied. Only one was who fled after the spit, others swallow.

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